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Charlotte Street | Fire Acoustic Enclosure

—  OTL

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The customer needed an RE 240 unit for a mixture of Asset protection and protection of residential buildings near the substation. dBA also had to integrate with a complex transformer design and build sequence for example; 36 High Voltage cables coming through the side of the wall not only acoustically seal but also fire seal and facilitate the surge arrestors being mounted on the roof.  Part way through on in the project we were asked to manufacture and install a cable gantry for the high voltage cables coming through our enclosure.


By using the tested dBA acoustic panel, frame system we are easily able to accommodate the noise issue. The fire issue presents a bit more of an intricate solution. By using a mixture of Promat products ( Vermiculux –S for the structural steelwork and Durasteel for the walls of the enclosure) We were able to achieve the requirements an RE 240 fire Noise enclosure for walls and roof. RE is a type of fire protection. R = Loadbearing and E = Integrity. Loadbearing is the unit will hold itself up during a fire for a specific time; in this case 240 minutes and Integrity means that gasses and the flames will not penetrate through the enclosure. The Timeframes were tight and due to lessons learnt and process improvement dBA were able to improve on timeframes and deliver the enclosure in record time.  With Promat we were able to design around the penetration issues and successfully merged the design with the transformer.


Adapting the framework of our enclosures we were able to attach the Durasteel efficiently to the structure. While keeping health and safety at the forefront and ensuring heavy panels could be lifted internally on the structure.  The cable entries were specifically routed out to allow the cables to be pulled through the wall post installation. The cable tray was manufactured and installed in double quick time in order to aid the customer in their programme.  

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