Bespoke solutions to meet unique needs


At dBA each product is unique and high specification design is used to ensure that the product is 100% effective for the clients’ needs and wants. Our methods of design and experience in modular solutions, where we apply insulation, absorption of sound, form and dimension to source a sound solution for any problem helps us create a quality solution for each project. Our products don’t affect the efficiency of yours, and we can tailor it to suit access needs by installing individual panels, doors or roofing which can be dismantled quickly. This allows for machinery to be fully operational and performance optimal for efficiency and accessibility as well as facilitating onsite installation.


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Screens & Barriers

Some noise pollution is best solved with an insulated screen, both to with hold noise as well as help aesthetically. When installing an acoustic screen, each one being designed specific to the site and the surroundings, you can trust that at noise regulations are met and any extra requirements necessary. Our screens are provided in a multitude of building systems and dimensions, so our solutions are always designed for a unique and efficient solution.


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Interior Acoustics

Many industrial and commercial sectors are plagued by acoustic emissions, which have a critical impact on personal health. We provide interior acoustics to help reduce these risks. Our use of these products allows for quick assembly, and if necessary, disassembly, and ease whilst still providing the high standard of noise attenuation. We can provide a good solution to any problem due to our personal designing specific to each product. It allows for the attenuation of sound as well as visual pollution without the necessity of the whole assemble of methods.


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Acoustic Doors

At dBA we recognise the importance of the door that fits the hole. We design, manufacture and install bespoke door solutions to suit the needs of the site and customer. Different needs and performance demands include;

  • Acoustic Rating for stand-alone doors
  • Single, Double and Panelled Doors
  • Fire Rating Protection
  • Lockable and Security Rated Access
  • Lockable Overriding Emergency Exit
  • Louvred Ventilation Doors


The important thing to understand is the function needed of the door. We will assist in the specification where we can design and fit the solution for your needs.


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Louvres & Vents

Louvre panel systems are popular applications in industrial and commercial buildings. We use them to provide defense against light, rain, provide screening and ventilation. We tend to provide these through standard designs; however, clients’ specific needs can be met, so that they integrate into any desired architecture and development.


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Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), is used by engineers worldwide in order to solve complex problems that involve fluid flow and heat transfer. With the use of CFD software, our team of design engineers here at dB Attenuation, can investigate different options and design a suitable, cost effective, ventilation system for each application, keeping the temperature inside our enclosures within the enclosed equipment manufacturer specified values.


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Flooring, Steps and Access

We can provide bespoke supporting structures to allow safe access and to and around our products eg steps, flooring and handrails. These can be in steel or GRP.


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Fire Protection

dBA have worked closely with Promat for structural fire protection of our acoustic enclosures and screens – structural frame cladding and encasement to provide 2-4hr fire stability protection.

In January 2019 dBA embarked on our first Promat DURASTEEL®  project – an RE240 fire acoustic enclosure walls and roof for a 275/33kV transformer. Since then we have successfully engineered, manufactured and commissioned three Promat DURASTEEL® projects.

Much of the structural design principles and manufacturing strategies of acoustic and fire separation solutions are well matched and as a preferred contractor for the energy industry we feel best placed to support these projects. Safe methods of working, training and health and safety on site are key to all dBA projects and it is easily transferred in this discipline.

Therefore, we are very excited to announce that from January 4th 2021, dBA is a registered licensee of Promat DURASTEEL®.


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