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Richborough Cable Support | Acoustic Enclosures

—  Omexom for National Grid

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Some years ago, we built these enclosures for Richborough Substation. Omexom are making a post-installation tertiary connection to the 2off SGT units onsite at Richborough. We have been asked to modify the enclosure to allow the passage of the Tertiary cables through the side wall at the tertiary end.


What we looked to do was pass the cables through the  bottom of the 'middle' panel. This panel was replaced with a new short panel leaving a gap through the wall. 

Then we had a double cross-bar goalpost set up on the outside and a single goalpost on the inside. There was a back to back pair of channels running the length of the uni-strut that will carry the cables. Uni-strut should take the fixing and support of the cables in fault - our channel is only there to carry the weight of the cables and the tray.


Installation of the steel framework & shorter panels was done when the transformer was live. Then the customer ran the cable and then we came back to plate, mastic and paint the panel and cables.

We concluded the work quicker than expected, and the customer has been happy with the result.

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