Case Studies

Woodlands West | Acoustic Enclosures

—  Northern Power Grid

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Northern Power Grid had received a justified noise complaint, and decided to build an acoustic enclosure around the transformer as a result.

They provided us with the information that the access was quite narrow and the transformer sits in the corner of the site. The space to the rear of the transformer was limited. The tap changer and HV cable box was near the rear of the transformer, and a close coupled Iv distribution board was attached at the front.

And so, we set to work.


This one needs a 1,000W door fitted centrally to the control kiosk on the front. Should be 400mm internal clearance on all sides. No skirting required. No guttering required.


Roof panels standard sizes panels. Central access panel on the rear wall. The panel will be 50mm thick to accommodate the clips.


The enclosure was assembled very easily and quickly with no major design issues.

To negate the overheating we removed part of the insulation and reversed the vent panels to provide better air access. The original ventilation plan would have increased the acoustic performance, but the change was deemed necessary. 

Woodlands build 3
Woodlands done 1
Woodlands build 2
Woodlands done 3