Junior Design Engineer Spotlight

Continuing Education is a strong motivation

April 8, 2024

Our Junior Design Engineer, Grant Bibby, has been accepted to attend the Electro-Mechanical Engineering Degree Apprenticeship at the University of Nottingham!


Grant's desire to pursue the Electro-Mechanical Engineering Degree Apprenticeship at the University of Nottingham stems from a deep-seated passion for exploring the intricate relationship between electrical and mechanical systems. dB Attenuation strongly believes in supporting our staff in achieving their academic and professional goals.


"I am driven by the desire to gain a comprehensive understanding of these disciplines and their intersection, providing me with a solid foundation for solving complex engineering challenges." - Grant Bibby


This program's comprehensive curriculum, combined with practical experience, will allow Grant to address this gap and build a robust expertise in electronics. The prospect of eventually achieving Chartered Engineer status is a long-term goal that fuels his commitment to this educational journey. 


"I believe that the combination of academic learning and hands-on experience will set me on a path towards becoming a highly qualified and accomplished engineer." - Grant Bibby


Upon completing the degree course, he will receive a BEng in Electrical-Mechanical Engineering and a NVQ level 6. dB Attenuation look forward to supporting Grant through this challenging and empowering apprenticeship!